Digital Experiences

Video & New Media Content Creation

Filmmaker | Multimedia Creator | Digital Expert

Digital Audiovisual

Fusing filmmaking with digital platforms. Real-world audiovisual content online brings a sense of realism and emotions to the viewers.

Additionally, video is proven to generate the highest engagement in social media and websites, making it paramount in marketing, communication, and journalism.

motion picture capture
reframed overcapture

New Media Experiences

Digital technologies not only revolutionizes our media consumption habits like with Streaming, but it also enables new interactive and immersive experiences.

Interactive films, 360 videos, and augmented & virtual reality drive these additional changes, for end viewers, as well as for the existing filmmaking production process itself.

Social Video

Vertical, short, and native videos optimized for each social media. E.g. TikTok, Instagram reels, stories, and YouTube.

Live Streaming

Hybrid virtual events. Multi camera capture and webcasts streamed to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

Experiential Media

360° videography, clickable interactive films, virtual tours, 3D scans, photogrammetry, and augmented reality.